By Kelly Gartner

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It’s true. People will always need to eat. But, what they eat is another story. Here are just a few of Allebach Communication’s tips on how to make your brand stand out in 2010 and provide consumers with a reason to buy.

1) Value. Value. Value. Did we mention value? Consumers are going to continue to look for value when purchasing items. If you’re a food brand this means providing the value they are looking for. Quick, low cost meals, such as Hatfield Quality Meats Family Classics meals, a brand Allebach helped develop and created the campaign for, is a good example. Each package contains 4 portions and is sold for $9.99.

By Jamie Allebach

If you’re not personally on Facebook or using it to market your brand—you’re either living in a cave or suffering from some type of technophobia. Facebook now has 350 million users and is a hotbed for marketing (Quick fact: if Facebook were a country, it’s population would rank it as the 4th largest in the world).

For the rest of you, by now you’ve most likely mastered the basics of Facebook and set up Facebook fan pages for your brand or business. It's now time to take your Facebook marketing to the next level. Here are some practical tips:

by Nancy Landis, Account Coordinator

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

Perception is a powerful thing. It can drive our thoughts and our actions. For many of us, it is truth. It is what we believe to be true, based on our interpretation of what we experienced.

In an article written by Tom Asacker, he states that in order to influence customer perceptions and behavior, we often work like crazy to persuade people with all of our facts – data, specs, studies, etc., when instead we “should be working to understand and appeal to people’s truth, because perception conditions their sensibilities and subsequent actions.”

By Jamie Allebach

The advertising world of where brands can simply push their message “out” is all but gone. Today, brands must get “out” of traditional thinking and “in” to where consumers are spending time.

The philosophy behind traditional media is that it goes out to persuade people to buy your brand. It’s “Outbound” advertising and it’s intrusive by nature, and it typically interrupts what people are doing. The new mindset of advertising is much more “Inbound” focused. Getting your brand into the space where people are inviting you to engage with them. It’s permission-based and in many instances, you become part of what they are doing.

by Bennett Andelman, Allebach Communications

Since the advent of social media and it being crowned the "flavor of the month" by marketers across the globe, a great debate has consumed our industry: Do digital marketers/agencies now run the show? Have traditional brand agencies "jumped the shark"?

Depending on whom you ask and what you read, the answer seems to change frequently -- with a majority of people still having reservations and making claims that digital marketing is just a tool in the shed - not the shed itself.

What do you think? Does offline or online really matter to an oblivious consumer who's only interested in the brand and message - regardless of how it is being delivered?

Everybody out there seems to have a theory on the best way to save money at the grocery store. You are seeing more and more of these “top 20” or even “top 50” lists on-line of ways to pinch pennies while grocery shopping. These lists are becoming more popular, especially at a time of economic recession. During times like these, why not try out some ideas on how to shave money from your weekly shopping adventure? Even though a consumer might not see a significant amount of savings, the sense of accomplishment from doing research can almost be just as rewarding.

You’ve seen the generic ways to save money, which typically includes making a list, clipping your coupons, not shopping while hungry or tired, etc. According to, the 2nd top way that you can save money on your grocery bill is to “eat more beans.” I’ve officially heard it all! Trying to remember all of these tips can be overwhelming, especially when you are attempting to push your way through crowded aisles. “Don’t forget to mix your own spices, Lindsay” is honestly going to be the last thing on my mind.

Just do it.
Where’s the beef?
Think different.
Got milk?

Tag lines for products and ads we all remember: Nike, Apple, The California Milk Processor Board, and Wendy’s.

Recently a small documentary was recognized at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival called Art & Copy. The topic – advertising and inspiration. As the copywriter here at Allebach I was excited to see this flick. I was excited to see if the biggies in “the business” had any deep, profound answers to how we, as creatives (the designers and writers), can do more for our clients. How these tag lines coupled with artistic inspiration became, not only ads that sold great products, but deeply embedded parts of our culture; thus, making the brands an even greater part of our culture.

By Joey Piazza

Okay brand managers and marketing professionals...

Rumor has it that you want to start a social media marketing campaign.

There are only a couple things I am going to need from you to make this campaign a success so I have assembled a checklist:

(You’d be surprised how often patience loses)

By Kevin Schluth

“Get me somebody. Anybody. And get me somebody while I’m waiting!”

This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my all time favorite holiday movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

“This sucks. Change it!”

This quote is a little more direct and comes from a more non-traditional source, MTV’s Beavis & Butthead.

by Nancy Landis, Account Coordinator

I love to entertain and bring people together for a party. I enjoy feeding my guests, listening to them share stories, laughing and debating issues together. Good healthy interaction can leave us all with a new view on life, an energized spirit, a deeper connection with our friends and a feeling of belonging. Good connection leaves you with a desire to return again and again. Just like a good, well written, informative blog.

As humans, we are social beings. However, regardless of how social I am, at the end of a busy day of work, meetings, parent teacher conferences, soccer games, and helping with the children’s homework, there is very little time for gathering round with my friends. Yet, even when I don’t feel like going out again, dressing up, or spending money, I can cozy down in the sofa, go to my favorite blogs and be with my friends and make connections. I can listen to others’ stories, hear about a new recipe or someone’s experience at a restaurant, or I can get answers to my questions.