As everyone knows, millennials not only grew up online, they did it with cell phones tucked into their back pockets. And now that the two have merged to become the mobile world, it’s only natural that millennials are leading the way in all things mobile, including mobile purchases. And their purchasing power is growing.

You may have heard that programmatic advertising is revolutionizing the media landscape, or that it’s changing the face of online ad buying…but what is it? Is this just another shiny new toy?

In 2015, television remains the most results-successful advertising medium, according to new research conducted by marketing-analytics company MarketShare (Download full report). From 2009 to 2014, TV beat digital and offline channels in driving sales and new business for major advertisers.

With competition from Netflix and a host of new digital video providers, the television industry has undergone seismic changes over the last five years. But one thing has remained constant: TV is still by far the most effective advertising medium.

Well, it’s official — YouTube is now a legitimate challenger as the entertainment channel of choice for the youth demographic. Need proof? Look no further than’s just-breaking list of 2015’s ten highest-paid YouTube stars.

Before you laugh, check the numbers. The bar Forbes set to make the list is a cool $2.5 mil, based on pretax earnings for the year ending June 1, 2015. That’s network TV show-host bucks... and in an industry where “show me the money” is based on viewership, it’s a good indicator that network TV should be very, very nervous. Oh, and that some of your marketing dollars need to begin migrating over to generating YouTube video content, if you’re not there already.

There are many tasty reasons why food is such a popular visual on Instagram. Let's be honest: we all love a mouth-watering food shot — well-lit, crisp, close-up, cool context, it just makes you wanna take a bite!

We know as food marketers that consumers eat with their eyes first. That’s why it’s critical to have tantalizing photos. So what does a great food brand Instagram account look like? Here are 5 we love.

For some time now, Pinterest has been in the enviable position of being the #1 social platform that consumers go to when planning long-term purchases. Of course, being #1 and having the ability to monetize it are two entirely different things.

Until now, anyway. With their new Cinematic Pins under testing by a select group of well-known brands including Wendy's, Nestlé and Target, Pinterest has taken a big step towards the money tree with ads that animate to deliver messages.

In 1988, the longest running #1 single on the Billboard music charts was "Roll With It" by Steve Winwood, which topped the charts for 4 weeks.

1988 was also the last year the Traditional Grocery channel didn’t lose ground as the overall leader in grocery sales— the Traditional Grocery channel includes Traditional Supermarkets, Fresh Format, Limited-Assortment, Super Warehouse, and Other (Small) Grocery.

As an avid pinner and marketing professional, I find the interest in Pinterest (yes, I can rhyme any time) as a long-term brand relationship builder fascinating, as well as personally vindicating. Years ago, I suggested a client of ours should begin posting images on home improvement boards to show aspiring homeowners the family rooms and kitchens their home equity loans had been — or could be — used for. Sadly, it went nowhere... but the seed had been planted.

10 Vital Food & Beverage Stats You Should Know

More and more, consumers are Googling food brands they hear about and shopping online.

Believe it or not, simply being active and engaged in social media is the baseline entry point these days. You’re no longer on the social frontline anymore just by having your brand on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The new bar is now having content that’s worth sharing.

Yes, keeping up with creating new content is important. Making it relevant and valuable to your friends, fans, and followers, is too. But, developing content that they WANT to share, that’s where the money is today.

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