Facebook Live has a story to tell – what’s yours?

Now that Facebook Live’s gone live, lots of articles are cropping up that focus on how to use it – how to choose the best location, how to create a storyline, how to interact with live audience questions and comments. It’s all good information, and quite necessary for making the best audience impression. But honestly, when all is said and done, “how” is totally missing the point.

I’m about to tell you why to use Facebook Live.

Okay, it’s a great song (and, coincidentally, great YouTube video of a dancing baby in diapers). But why do I bring it up here?

As a little song-and-dance segue (sorry) to our real topic — the rise of the single, unattached consumer. It’s a trend that’s been building since the sixties... and now it’s reached the tipping point.

Having been in CPG marketing, and primarily working with food brands, for nearly 30 years, there have always been certain constant pivotal drivers in consumer purchasing — the “go-to”s that always drive consumer response. Well, things are changing. In fact, there has been a definitive paradigm shift that all marketers should be paying close attention to.

With new technologies constantly evolving each day, people have become mostly un-phased by some of the recent leaps in media. Take for example, drones: At one point, the idea was a joke, then it became a topic of fear, then ever so slowly, they became integrated into every day life to the point where hardly anyone thinks twice about them. That’s exactly how artificial intelligence (AI) is - and no other new tech is changing the media world quite like it. AI is changing our use of smartphones, social media, and many other aspects of the marketplace.

Marketing research firm, MarketingSherpa asked consumers how they would prefer to receive communications from brands and retailers. For those of us in the ad biz who are lustily embracing every new social/digital media that flies down the WorldWide InterWeb SuperHighway @ us, its insights are surprising. Stunning, even.

Email—it’s simply one of the most effective digital marketing tactics today, and with good reason. Despite the insurgence of social media as a form of communication, email still rules! Here’s why:


Couponing remains one of the most effective ways to drive trial and create loyalty among consumers. However, finding the best vehicle to reach a consumer can be a challenge.

In our first influencer marketing blog we introduced you to the fundamentals, now it’s time to step up your game.

It happened with the explosion of social media… new marketing trends & tactics come in hot and a wave of “experts” pop out of the woodwork. As we head into 2016, we’ll see it continue with the rise of influencer marketing.

At its core, influencer marketing is one of the simplest tactics to understand and execute. It’s basically word of mouth marketing, reinvented. Begin by forming relationships - with the people who already use your product or your ideal type of fan – and engaging with them by sending product, creating content and helping them push it to their social circles. Think about it like beginning a new friendship.

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